Investing in the Sun Exchange

Hi All

I’ve been reading about the Sun Exchange - as recommended in the ‘Eco Resource’ as an ethical investment company. It sounds great!

However, before I approach them and invest, I’m hoping to get feedback on other members’ experiences: Do the solar projects really provide the returns they project? Are there any problems with investing in the South African rand - when investing from UK? And any other issues that have arisen from experience?

Hope someone can help?!


Hi Stuart,

I haven’t invested in these guys, but think you could be more interested in investing in local funds, if your concerned about overseas investments. Ethex and Ripple Energy offer some interesting options, and have significant communities backing them here, which also decarbonises our own energy system. Ethex also has an investment - energize Africa. They’ve had long term success in their model and they certain pay out to investors. Abundance, I invest in, but hasn’t had many interesting renewables projects recently.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Tom

Yes, I have been looking at Ethex and Abundance. I think they seemed to offer slightly better returns than Sun Exchange. However, I want to diversify a bit - so I will look into Sun Exchange further. I think I need to talk with an IFA a bit about the main issue - being investing in another currency.