High Speed Rail - will it be outdated before it’s completed?

I’m an advocate of the Northern Power-house push for a high speed rail link from Leeds to Manchester, maybe even one down to London as well. I know that most of the funding will be creamed off by a few ‘establishment’ Companies, these big boys will drop a few crumbs down range (with much publicity) to a few local worthies but eventually, well over budget and very late we will have our super shiny railway…snag is will it be too late?. Think about it, the big push right now by Tesla’s car teams around the World is to produce a safe robo-taxi. These will be here within ten years despite delaying tactics by lobbyists and their paid for MP’s you can’t stop the tide of progress.

The complainers will be big oil, insurance, legacy motor manufacturers to name but a few. You don’t need car insurance when you don’t own a car !. Even if you do being totally autonomous means you don’t need insurance as that’s the suppliers problem, they are in charge of the vehicles travel.

If you don’t have a car probably your neighbours won’t either, less cars = faster road travel so traffic jams will be reduced. Less traffic police required too, there will be no drunk/drug drivers/uninsured or even banned drivers…which means less solicitors too ! Crash for cash ‘accidents’ will vanish overnight, these cars come with full 360 degree video recording !. The NHS won’t need as much A&E for RTA’s either, more nurses for our ageing population.

The list is endless which brings me back to building this super train system…why ?, will it be worth it or is it just a diversion away from the real task of making our travel death and injury free, door to door. Your thoughts would be appreciated…this is a discussion topic !

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