Heather's Electric Journey - continues with a new EV this summer!

Well, I’ve washed down my spade and boots for this year, as the tree planting is finished. I’ll be looking out for the emails that will alert me to it next winter, but for now will content myself with visits to the little ones to check in their progress.

This week I’ll update you on EV ownership.

Jamie and I had another test drive in the Kia eNiro last weekend. We have had one on order since last June and hope to get it in July this year. It will be a bit tricky as our current lease finishes mid-June, so we could have a few weeks with no car, and have a holiday booked in this period. Brilliant planning.

The eNiro was just as much fun as we remembered it, and we had it a bit longer than last time. Which was just as well, as the first thing we encountered as we drove away from the dealer was a hold up on the motorway.

The drive has renewed our excitement and will hopefully keep us going till July.

I was chatting to a friend yesterday, who was thinking about her next car, and whether to lease or buy. She was put off by the upfront deposit needed with a lease but liked the other aspects of it. We decided that by the time she came to change her car, there would be different models of car useage around. Then, as if someone had been listening in, I received an email today from a new company, www.elmodrive.com, who are going to be offering all-inclusive EV leases with no deposit, so the New World is nearly here.

Please do send any conspiracy theories you may have about our tech listening in to us, and I already have my own which is related to Dairylee Cheese spread, but I won’t go into that now.

Yesterday also saw the announcement that work has started on an ‘Electric Forecourt’ which will be run by a company called Gridserve. I met them last year at Fully Charged Live when they were still to get a site for the first one.

And here it is

Finally, in response to a query, here is the government information about financial help you can apply for when installing a workplace charger. You may find it useful if you’re in negotiation with your employer

As usual, questions or comments are welcome as then I know someone reads this!

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Elmo looks awesome and so does the e-Niro. Thanks for sharing Heather!