[Experience] Daily Travel Using a Bike in Oxfordshire, UK

I used to drive to work (from Bicester to Oxford), but I really missed my cycle ride I used to have in London. The problem was that it was 17 miles each way so I looked into all different ways of trying to cycle - taking train part of the way and cycling the whole way, or a mixture of both.

Now the train goes all the way into Oxford every day I have permanently moved onto my bike as it’s not too complicated. I drop off my daughter every day on the bike to nursery (see photo below), and then go onto the train station.

It’s still an 8 mile round trip on the bike but it’s just as quick to get to work and I feel a lot better. I actually hate sitting in a metal box for an unnecessary length of time - the anxiety every driver shares of being in traffic I also share!

The things which have helped are using durable clothing, having a great pannier on the bike (so you don’t sweat against a back pack), good shoes, carrying water proofs and having a jacket to hold all cycle gear in. Below is a list of things I got which really helped with this.

I’d strongly suggest anyone moving over to a mixed method of transport, which includes a bike. People always say it rains but honestly I get rained on cycling too and from work maybe 10 times a year (beginning and end of day are often dry).

I’ve also researched electric bikes and am seriously considering cutting out the train!

Some great things for the bike:


Wanted to let everyone know that I’ve now got a trailer as I’ll be taking both my girls to nursery. They love it!!! And I’m very happy as I don’t have to get in a car and fog up our planet (it still really annoys me how many people drive their car for this trip).

Check it out!


I’m going to continue to share my frustrations with drivers and people who just don’t give consideration to cyclists.

It really annoys me that nearly all people dropping their kids off at nursery drive, probably 1 mile each way, and during a freaking climate crisis!!!

I’m looking for ways to berate them - any ideas very welcome…!

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I came across this bit of news today

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I don’t think it would help to berate them, honestly. Sometimes it feels hopeless just to be the one trying to set a good example, but I believe that it is still helpful to do so.

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Welcome to Better Century, Kate! :slightly_smiling_face: