Plastic Roads Across The World

It seems this is happening on a global scale.

This was in the news.

MacRebur is doing some things in this regard in the UK.

In France.

Meanwhile, the Germans are learning how to make plastic roads from Himachal Pradesh!

That’s a state in North India where ‘Shimla’ famously is. The British built their ‘summer capital’ there during the ‘British Raj.’

In the Netherlands.

In the US.

In Indonesia.

And Indonesia appears to be learning from India which apparently has thousands of kilometers of plastic roads in existence already.


Refers to ‘MacRebur’ among others.

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I am surprised this has not been used in the UK yet!

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@zainmu. There are trials of plastic roads going ahead in Scotland .

The process that they are, trialling in the UK uses between 3-10kg of plastic per ton of asphalt. The total UK production of asphalt is around 25Mt. So if this process was applied to all asphalt production, it would use a maximum of 0.252Mt of plastic. The UK uses 5Mt of plastic per year. So this can account for a maximum 5% of the total UK plastic consumption.

5% is a small but non-negligible contribution. Especially if the asphalt is actually stronger and more durable with plastic added.

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Thanks for this @Sachi . I had never heard of this before. I’m really impressed with how India is leading the way on this.

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