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Why Becoming an Active Member will Make a Great Difference for Our Planet & Future

Every single post that is read, replied to or started on Better Century is contributing toward a better future on our planet and for our children.

As with everything, starting a brand new community takes hard work and joined effort.

We would like to thank you for being part of Better Century and to invite you to become an active member.

There are many ways you can help:

  1. Join the community by creating an account.
  2. Reply to posts and engage in topics you’re interested in.
  3. Start your own topics.
  4. Invite your friends to join by messaging them a link to our community: https://community.bettercentury.org/
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  6. Join us as a Community Contributor, learn more in the next post.

Become an Elite Member at Better Century: The Contributor Program

As a Community Contributor, you are considered an Elite Better Centurite and a founding community member.

It is people like you who will help us achieve our boldest goals. Your loyalty will be rewarded! You are going to become the face and name of a community with a profound purpose, to change the self-destructing course humankind has set sail on, and transform our planet into a place where all living beings co-existed in harmony.

By providing content and support as a subject-matter specialist, you will be able to share your knowledge and help others live sustainably. The topics you cover could be related to your passion, profession, or everyday life experiences.

Contributor Benefits

  1. Better Century will provide a reference about the work you have done for us and recommendations where applicable. A minimum of 10 pieces of content must be delivered and published to qualify for this.

  2. Your application will be considered with priority for paid positions should your skill(s) be a perfect fit.

  3. An opportunity to be given a place in the Better Century Council - a group that advises on the strategic direction of the organization.

  4. Chance to be given shares of Better Century. Based on long-term performance and awarded by the founding team on a case-by-case basis.

  5. Access to online events and training programs hosted by Better Century.

  6. Stage and digital event exposure with global brands and organizations aligned with our mission.

  7. Mentor others and receive mentorship.

Join by sending an email to community@bettercentury.org

Thank you for joining our Contributors family! Let’s do this! ~ The Better Century Team

How to Post a Video

It will be great to see videos that you have created or shared.

The best way is to upload the video to your YouTube channel and share it in our community by adding the link to your post. That would be great!

If you want Better Century to upload your video on our official channels, please add it to the folder in this link and message Dessi or Tom to upload it. Thank you!

Tips on Creating Content that Today’s Digital People Love Reading

You’re welcome to use your own personal style and everyone will appreciate this. Below you will find some tips based on best practices in the digital space.

Today, people want easily digestible content. What does that mean? When writing a post, you want to ensure you introduce new paragraphs, short sentences, and avoid words like just, really, certainly, absolutely, very, actually, basically.

While using superfluous words might be forgivable when conversing, it is far less so when we’re writing. People have a short attention span, this is the attention economy, and you have got just a few seconds to win someone’s attention.

This is the era of images and videos and GIFs, be brave, and use them as frequently as possible. This is the exact ingredient that would make a difference in how many people engage with your post.

Don’t be shy! Take images and videos of yourself. People will love you!

How to Add a Picture, Video or GIFs?

Add a picture

Hit upload. Done.

Add a Video

Option 1: Drop the video link in the post: https://www.youtube.com/YourYouTubeLinkHere

Option 2:

Hit upload. Done.

Add a GIF

Hit upload. Done.

GIF websites:

How to Grab People’s Attention Online

Start with a bang! Break the ice with an engaging intro, a game, speech, a song, or a personal story.

:arrow_right: A story: We’re hard-wired to enjoy and learn from stories. The story can be about you personally, which tells the audience first-hand why you’re passionate or knowledgeable about the given topic. Or you can tell a story about another person who the audience can learn from.

:arrow_right: State a shocking statistic or headline. Make sure that it is aligned with your main topic. If you are not sure what statistic to talk about, 10-minutes of research will be able to give you at least three very good ideas.

:arrow_right: Use a powerful quote. The quote must have meaning and relevance to the audience. Choose wisely because you want the person you quote to add credibility and likability to what you are about to teach them.

:arrow_right: Ask a rhetorical thought-provoking question. A rhetorical question is a question that you ask without expecting an answer. The question might be one that does not have an answer. It might also be one that has an obvious answer but you have asked the question to make a point, to persuade your audience.

:arrow_right: Go graphic. A quality photo adds much more than aesthetic appeal. It engages the audience’s imagination and makes the message memorable. Use photos and graphics whenever possible.

:arrow_right: Use a short video. Make sure that you own the video. It can be one that you pre-recorded by putting together a few photos and mixing it with a video you took that is in contact with the topic you are covering. An interview you gave to the media or an event where you were a speaker.

:arrow_right: Do not try too hard. Be natural. The attention grabber should be designed to increase the audience interest in and curiosity about what you are going to share with them. You want the audience to be receptive to what you will say next, so be relevant and align it to the main topic of your lesson.

:arrow_right: Feel free to add humor where appropriate (do not overdo it) and only if it fits your personality.

:arrow_right: Videos! Include photos and graphics to support your visual perception. Limit the number of words on the screen. Remember, no walls of text! Add enjoyable photos and graphs. You will learn more in the article about Prerecorded videos.

:arrow_right: About using graphics. You can download a branding template here. It is very important to use consistent branding when creating content for the Dennis community. In this folder, you will find logos, color platelets and a whole library of contents, including buttons, icons, and other graphics.

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