About Better Homes

The way we use our homes could actually result in a net benefit to the environment. We can generate energy at home whilst using entirely renewable energy, and can improve wildlife around where we live. Learn more and join the discussion.

These are the kind of things we’ll discuss this category will discuss:

  • Energy providers - at least then every bit of gas or electricity you use is then from waste, sun, wind or water!
  • Energy efficiency - for example LED light bulbs use 90% less energy than old fashion ones and they last 15 years… why produce another solar panel if you don’t have too?
  • Microgeneration of energy - solar panels, wind turbines, hydro energy, air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps… is it possible to get all the energy I need locally? What should be done first?
  • Reduce waste - perhaps through veg boxes or through use of cool devices that take microfibers out of washing machine water, or even stopping using bottled shampoo!
  • Improve biodiversity - perhaps install some bird boxes, make a wild flower part of your garden, so many ideas.
  • Water efficiency measures - timed showers, devices to reduce flushing water, grey water systems and even green walls that filter waste water…. Not all that hard, and can make an impact.

Some of these changes are expensive… What should we do first? Can someone help provide insights into whether these changes have actually worked? And do they add to the value of my home?